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Does My Child Need An Oral Surgeon?

Chances are that if you’re reading this article that your child may have been referred to an Oral Surgeon. You may be wondering why does my child need an oral surgeon. What exactly does an oral surgeon even do?

A General Dentist is the dental equivalent of a Primary Care Physician. A Pediatric dentist is the equivalent of a Pediatrician. General dentists see patients of all ages. Pediatric dentists primarily focus on child dental care of infants, toddlers, children and adolescents.

Childrens Dentists Are Just Like Regular Doctors – Some Perform Surgery, Others Don’t

Pediatric Dentists in particular are just like regular doctors when it comes to surgery. Some doctors perform surgery and others don’t, right? Well the same thing holds true with Pediatric Dentists. Some dentists perform oral surgery and others do not.

In our quantico dental office in particular, we have had many young patients come in with a dental emergency. Many have had either some sort of trauma requiring surgery or need an extraction. Our offices provide Emergency Dental services. It’s quite common that we see patients when they are having their worst day ever.

Although these patients are typically in tremendous pain when they come in and require immediate dental surgery. If your child ever needs oral surgery, it’s nice to know they won’t have to go far to get it. Today we’re going to be discussing Pediatric Oral Surgery. We discuss some of the procedures that we cover in our dental offices.

A Pediatric Oral Surgeon provides treatment for the teeth, gums and jaw. Surgeons specialize in various aspects of the body. An Orthopaedic surgeon deals with ankles, knees, and bones. A Vascular surgeon focuses on veins and arteries. Pediatric Oral Surgeons focus entirely on the mouths of children.

Dentist or Oral Surgeon - DMD or DDS?

DMD or DDS, what’s the difference?

So what’s the difference beteween a DDS and DMD?

DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) and DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) are both degrees that Dentists may receive, however there is a major distinction between the two.

Both DMD’s and DDS’s spend upwards between 7 and 8 years in college and dental school receiving training and both must pass a state license certification exam that qualify them as licensed Dentists.

A DDS will typically spend an extra 4-6 years in training after dental school, typically in a hospital surgical environment.

What Type of Surgical Treatments Does A DDS Perform?

A DDS performs procedures such as:

Why choose a DDS if your child needs oral surgery?

Odds are that if your pediatric dentist referred you to an oral surgeon it’s because they determined that was the best fit. They felt an oral surgeon’s skillset and level of experience will improve your child’s procedure will have a better outcome with a surgeon. In our dental practice we have 2 surgeons on staff – Dr. Alan Golden and Dr. Herschel L. Jones.

With a wealth of surgical training, our oral surgeons have also exposed to a wide range of complications that can arise during surgical procedures and are best equipped to treat any that may occur.

Having a Pediatric Oral Surgeon treat your child means that they’ll be treated by someone who has undergone specialty training, who has years of experience performing the procedure your child needs and who has exposure to the treatment of complications.

Pediatric Oral Surgeons in Woodbridge, Burke Virginia

Our dental practice has 4 locations in the area with Oral Surgeons that service Dale City, Woodbridge, and Burke Virginia. So if you live in the local area, you have outstanding dental care right in your own backyard. With some of the highest rated dentists & pediatric oral surgeons in Virgina, you can rest assured that your child will receive state of the art dental care during their oral surgery.

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